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Araksa Tea-House

Araksa Tea Garden is located on a scenic, evergreen hill in the Mae Tang District in Chiangmai, Thailand. The site is one of the oldest tea gardens in Thailand, specializing in producing high quality tea. Left undisturbed for over 15 years, the tea plants have not been exposed to chemical pesticides or fertilizers for over a decade.

For this exquisite location we were asked to design and build a new 480sqm Tea House made predominantly from local natural. For the walls we used local soil to produce all required adobe bricks. The walls have been plastered with a local white soil. For the columns we were able to reuse old wooden trunks and the roof is made from hand-pressed roof tiles from a local factory. It took over two years to complete the building .

Client: Araksa Tea Garden

Construction Period: 2017-2019

Location: Mae Taeng, Thailand

Photos:  Araksa Tea Garden & Simple Architecture

Collaborators: Albert Company & Juan Cuevas

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