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Irrawaddy Flower Garden

Within a period of five weeks, we completed the construction of two new classrooms for Irrawaddy Flower Garden School. The number of students at New Day School has dramatically increased of the past three years since the latest coup in Burma on 1st of February, 2021. When visiting the school the first time, we were observing that all classrooms were overcrowded and almost forty students were sharing a space not bigger than twenty square meter.

Client: School Community & Help without frontiers Thailand

Construction Period: Jan/ Feb 2024

Location: Mae Sot, Thailand

Budget: 6.500$

Donors: Spinning Top, NZ & Socialarchitecture e.V.

Volunteers: Elisa Bisek, Támi Forgó, Vincent Georg, Leo Huang, Büsra Küpeli, Jonathan Wiedemann,

Supporters: Jonathan Jordan, Oliver Giebels, Burma Migrant Worker Education Committee

Photos:  Leo Huang, Isabelle Goertz, Old Doors New Ways

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