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Farmhouse 2 School

Within a period of five weeks, we completed the construction of a single classrooms. We invited groups of architecture students from Assumption University (AU) in Bangkok, as well as students from Harrow International School to participate in earth construction workshops together with the local community.
Before starting the design process we committed ourselves to make sure the project meets the immediate needs and aligns to the long term sustainability of the school. We hired workers with different skill sets from the local community and invested into locally available resources. During the construction process we exchanged different building techniques and associated cultural experiences which resulted in a wider skill-set for both parties.
As part of the cultural exchange, students and school principle got engaged in mixing clay and participated in further design and construction activities to create their communal sense of ownership.

Client: School Community & Burma Migrant Workers Education Committee (BMWEC)

Construction Period: Feb/ March 2020

Location: Mae Sot, Thailand

Budget: 2.000$

Donors: Spinningtop NZ, Assumption University Bangkok, Harrows International School Bangkok

Volunteers: Prisca Eckert, Josepha Fliedner, Bill Koehntopp, Lena Peglow

Supporters: Jo Swift, Ton Baars & Borderline, Linlet Arkar

Photos:  Bill Koehntopp & Simple Architecture

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