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Wake-Up School - 2nd Phase

After completing the 1st construction phase by building five classrooms in 2021, we returned for the construction

of another five classrooms in October 2022. The local team started with the majority of the foundations for all classrooms early September. By the time we arrived at the school, the work on the adobe walls already begun.

Another important task was to finish the plastering and front facade of the 1st face by adding the facade columns to install the horizontal shading element. This also defined the covered external corridor in front of all classrooms.

For the plaster we developed a water repellent soil-corn plaster mix which we applied to all external walls.

We will return to Uganda for Phase-3 in autumn 2024.

Client: Success Roots

Construction Period: Aug-Dec 2022

Location: Nakhivale, Uganda

Budget: 14.000$

Donors: private donors via a gofundme campaign which you can find here

Collaborators: Oliver Giebels, Alessandra Esposito


Photos:  Alessandra Esposito, Success Roots & Simple Architecture

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